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Replacement Windows Bay Series 5500

Series 5500 Bay Replacement Window


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Color Choices
Standard Bright White Interior Exterior Standard Creme White Interior Exterior
  • 3 1/4” (overall) deep fully welded frame and sash to provide structural integrity.
  • 7/8” “Warm Edge” glass technology.
  • Beveled sash frame. Offers beautiful sight lines.
  • Triple seal weatherstripping. Provides 1 Q-Lon and 2 dual-durometer seals for maximum air resistance.
  • “Multi-point lock” system closes/opens upper and lower locks with one lever.
  • Concealed E-Gard hardware. Allows easy operation plus years of resistance to chemicals, corrosion and UV radiation.
  • Easy handling large lock operating lever. Operator cover of cast aluminum.
  • Foam insulation on frame jambs.
  • Standard fold-away handle. Eliminates interference with blinds and drapes.
  • Sill angle and head expander.
  • Architecturally decorative screen with baked enamel finish. Casement windows (only) available with extruded aluminum screen with no convenient hand grip (not shown).
  • Low profile extrusions offer maximum glass area.
  • Unique opening characteristics. Permits easy cleaning from home interior.
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When ordered with efficiency options 2, 3 or 4.
Glass Performance Options: Click options below to learn more.

Double Strength Glass

Double Strength Glass

Thermal Test Results:
Foam-Filled Frames & Sashes Overall IG Thickness Glass Type (Clear or Low E) Gas Fill U-Factor Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Visible Transmittance
7/8" Dual Glazed
7/8" Dual Glazed
Clear/Soft Coat Low E
Heat-Gate Casement Performance Thermal-Gate Casement Performance Thermal-Gate Casement Performance

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